SAFENTRIX     Stop SPAM, Stop Virus, Stop Paying!

SAFENTRIX was launched in 2009 to provide Email Security Services and has grown to serve more than 50,000 users worldwide in the last 12+ years. As part of our growth, we will now offer additional services including Email Storage, Document Storage, Video Conferencing, and Message Archival.

The new platform is going to be hosted at Following this migration, SAFENTRIX will be archived as a brand and SAFENTRIX services will be rebranded as HamaraCloud SecureMessaging.

HamaraCloud SecureMessaging uses the latest technologies in SPAM and Virus fighting to keep up and even exceed the efficiency of SAFENTRIX.

Now, we have migrated all SAFENTRIX accounts to HamaraCloud. The system will be made live on 25th Nov 2022, at 10PM IST (+05:30). There is no action required at your end. For all SAFENTRIX users, emails will automatically go to HamaraCloud servers, get scanned and forwarded to your email servers.


1. Beginning 23rd Nov 2022, at 10AM IST, SAFENTRIX Control panel will not be accessible.

2. However, emails will flow normally in/out and there will be no disturbance to your Email service.

3. From 26th Nov 2022, at 9AM IST, SAFENTRIX users can get access to Control panel at -> Login.

4. User name will be your Email address used in SAFENTRIX login and password will be the same as SAFENTRIX password.

5. The control panel has changed and you are requested to familiarize yourself with the new Control panel by going through the User guides provided at -> Support.


1. SAFENTRIX has not seen any price changes since its launch more than 12 years ago.

2. SAFENTRIX was free, and because of this, encouraged some unsustainable practices. Administrators would never delete any email address (even unused ones) and this lead to wastage of resources.

3. HamaraCloud SecureMessaging, new Avatar of SAFENTRIX, rectifies these issues.

4. The Standard Edition charges a token amount of ₹10 (or) 25¢ per year, per email address. While the service is still almost free, we expect this to bring down the wastage significantly.

5. The Enterprise edition price has been increased to ₹400 (or) $10 per year, per email address. After 12 years, the price is still cheaper than in 2009, considering the general increase in prices.

6. You can get full details of HamaraCloud SecureMessaging in here.


1. All Standard Edition users will get Free service till March 1, 2023.

2. The price of ₹10 (or) 25¢ per year, per email address will apply from March 1, 2023.

3. Enterprise Edition user contract will be honoured and will be provided service at old rates for existing orders.

4. Once the old orders expire, renewals will attract new price.

At this point of time, we would like to thank you for choosing SAFENTRIX and we hope to receive the same support with HamaraCloud. If you do have any queries, please contact us.
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